Browning Platinum 49 Left Hand Hinge

Save $1,300

Finish: Gloss
Color: Black
Lock Type: Electronic
$8,699 $9,999



Fire Rating: 

120 Minutes at 1750°

Long Gun Storage: 



1425 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions (HxWxD):

60" x 46" x 27"



The Pinnacle 49 is the third largest of the Pinnacle line of Pro Series safes. This Short Wide safe can securely lock away 49 long guns in its interior shelving and on the door rack. Given it's additional height, it easily fits extra long guns, such as large caliber long range rifles. With the adjustable Axis shelving, there are plenty of ways to optimize this space in order to store all of your firearms, documents, jewelry and valuables — and keep them safe from fire, theft, and whatever unknown threats might come your way.


Body Steel Thickness: 




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