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Big Yellow Safe - Champion Safe

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Many big box stores only offer curbside delivery. In theory, this can seem like a really affordable option. After all, a few buddies, a case of beer, and a heavy-duty project is a great combination — right?

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The Big Yellow Safe is a Champion Gun Safe Your Collection Won’t Outgrow (for a while)

Step aside hidden gun safes and petite bedside safe. There ain’t nothing small or undercover about this beauty. She’s a stunner. This Champion gun safe is meant to be seen and ogled. Sure, we can’t find a furnace big enough to test its fire rating, but something this big is a beast no matter how you stack it.

The Big Yellow Safe FAQ

Where is The Big Yellow Safe Located?

Spokane baby! This bright yellow gal can be found at 8710 E Appleway Blvd. in Spokane Valley.

Can I Take Pictures with The Big Yellow Safe?

As long as she hasn’t been sold, you can definitely take pictures with her.

Pro Tip: Bust out your wide-angle. She’s a tall one.

Is This the Largest Gun Safe in the World?

While she’s not in the Guinness Book of World Records, we do believe this is the largest gun safe that’s ever been made. 10-feet tall, 6-feet wide, and 4-feet deep, she has an impressive 240 cubic feet of storage space and requires a forklift to move.

Is there anything I can’t store in this safe?

This is America. Once you purchase The Big Yellow Safe, you can put anything in her that you want. But she’s not really designed to hold emotional baggage.