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DS2i Smart Station Safe

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Color: Covert Black
Manufacturer: Vaultek
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Delivery & Installation

Many big box stores only offer curbside delivery. In theory, this can seem like a really affordable option. After all, a few buddies, a case of beer, and a heavy-duty project is a great combination — right?

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Why Buy a DS2i Smart Station Safe?

Vaultek’s DS2i Smart Station Safe has been dubbed the “ultimate modern home safe” thanks to its multi-function capabilities. Not only is this single handgun safe big enough to store a pistol and a magazine, but it also offers wireless charging and a customizable LED display. (Hello digital bedside clock.)

DS2i Hidden Clock Smart Safes Promote Child Gun Safety

Nothing’s more important than keeping our children safe. The DS2i bedside safe prevents children from accessing personal weapons by accident while giving you quick access when needed.

DS2i Smart Stations Offer Discrete Gun Storage

Unlike most pistol safes which would be a clunky eyesore on your beside table, DS2i smart stations look right at home with your smartphone and bedside lamp. At first glance, it’s unlikely most people will see anything more than a digital clock. This type of discrete storage offers an added level of security, as your gun safe is effectively hidden in plain sight. (Plus, this gun safe looks so good your delicate partner is unlike to complain.)