Rifle Rods Gun Rack System

Kit: 5 Pack (Includes Loop Fabric)


The Rifle Rods Gun Rack System

With the Rifle Rods gun rack system you will organize and condense long guns into a smaller space and access them easier than ever. Rifle Rods are a patented hook and loop based gun rack organizing system that individually stabilizes each long gun in the upright position. Leaning, as required in a standard gun rack, wastes valuable storage space. Our Rifle Rods get rid of all that.

Rifle Rods offer the long gun organization you need. They allow you to stack your rifles, shotguns and ARs as many as four rows deep, freeing up as much as 50% additional space in your gun safe, storage closet or gun cabinet. The included Shelf Liner (loop fabric) is easily stapled onto the shelves in whatever storage space you have.

Rifle Rods are injection molded plastic: they will not damage your barrel. And they work equally well for scoped rifles, shotguns or modern sporting rifles. Gun safe interior modifications using Rifle Rods will organize and increase the storage capacity of your gun safe. 

Benefits of the Rifle Rods Gun Rack System

  • Retrofit your gun safe with Rifle Rods rifle holders and increase its capacity
  • Organize and condense long guns to store more guns
  • Our patented hook & loop based system individually stabilizes each long gun in the upright position
  • Easier access to guns, even in the back row
  • For use with your existing shelf in your gun safe, cabinets, closets, etc.
  • Works with scoped rifles, shotguns, and modern sporting rifles

Features of Rifle Rods Gun Rack System

  • Rifle Rods are an injection molded plastic product with ultra-sonically welded hook fabric coin on top.
    • Rifle Rod length 16”, head 1” diameter, .22 caliber
  • Shelf Liner included is Industrial grade 100% nylon woven loop fabric – required for best use with Rifle Rods – shelf liner sizes differ with package size.
  • Made in the USA

 **Note: Rifle Rods are only compatible with gun safes that have removable gun racks. It has come to our attention that the Liberty Centurion safe has a rack that is built into the interior walls, making it a permanent fixture and not compatible with our Rifle Rods gun rack system.

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