ShotLock AR 200M Solo-Vault

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The ShotLock AR 200M Solo-Vault is the world's first Solo-Vault for AR platform rifles. Constructed of military grade 14 gauge steel, the AR 200M Solo-Vault secures most AR platform rifles in a convenient location in your house, making sure your firearm is close, secure and ready.

  • 14 Gauge military grade steel construction.
  • Secures most AR platform rifles with pistol grip and top rail mounted optics. (Tactical shotguns included)
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Interior shelf for two additional 30 rd. magazines
  • Can mount in a discreet location for added security
  • Flanged no-pry lid.
  • Dual locking interior hooks
  • With our easy to use locks, it only takes a few second to have your home defense weapon in your hand.
  • 2 Year limited Warranty
  • The AR Solo-Vault may secure some pump and over/under shotguns equipped with tactical pistol grips, ghost rings, and side saddle shell carriers on the receiver. However this product was not designed for this purpose - please call for details.
  • UPC:7-93573-87005-6
  • Lock Type:Mechanical Key Override
  • Exterior Dimensions:13" H x 10.5" W x 3.35" T
  • Interior Deimensions:12.375" H x 9.75" W x 3" T
  • Weight: 11 lbs

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Why a ShotLock is One of the Ultimate AR 15 Gun Safes

The slim frame and wall-mounted design of a ShotLock AR safe allows them to be discreetly installed in nearly any room. Many costumes prefer installing them behind a drape or inside a closet. Alternatively, many gun owners prefer mounting their AR 15 gun safes on the wall behind a door so that it’s hidden when the door swings open.

Top 4 Benefits of Securing an AR 15 in a ShotLock

1. It’s a Battery-Free AR 15 Gun Safe

In addition to being a fun gun to shoot, AR 15s are considered by many one of the best home defense weapons. Thanks to their incredible stopping power, substantial ammo capacity, and minimal recoil, an AR is exceptional at quickly stopping an intruder.

However, an AR is only going to help you if you can get to it quickly and reliably. The push-button mechanical lock on a ShotLock AR 200M Solo-Vault does not rely on batteries. So, unlike a modern electrical lock, your lock will never suddenly run out of juice. Additionally, the quick access buttons can be pushed and opened in a matter of seconds.

2. A ShotLock AR Solo Vault Keeps Triggers from Little Hands

Protecting the homefront isn’t just about stopping an assailant. It’s about keeping curious children from gaining unsupervised access to firearms. These unique AR gun safes are built from 14-gauge military grade steel, providing a lockbox that surrounds the firing mechanism of your gun — helping keep it from unwanted hands.

3. ShotLocks Fit Most AR-15s

Do all AR 15s fit in a ShotLock solo vault? No. But most AR 15s do. If you are concerned about your specific model and accessories, please contact us directly.

4. Keeps Your AR 15 Close & At the Ready with the Top Quick Access Gun Safe

Because these AR safes can be mounted on any flat surface, you can keep your home defense weapon in practically any convenient location. While some ladies and gents may not want an AR 15 mounted in the dining room, the bedroom’s not the only place to install your quick access AR gun safe. You could install it in a front entry closet or behind a couch.

These safes can be mounted in the pantry, mancaves, and beside the porcelain throne. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally.