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ShotLock Shotgun 200M Solo-Vault

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Delivery & Installation

Many big box stores only offer curbside delivery. In theory, this can seem like a really affordable option. After all, a few buddies, a case of beer, and a heavy-duty project is a great combination — right?

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Why a ShotLock is the Ultimate Quick Access Shotgun Safe

Thanks to their slim frame and wall-mounted design, ShotLocks can be discreetly installed in nearly any room of your house. Many customers prefer to install them behind a drape or inside a closet. You might also consider mounting it on the wall behind your door, so that it is hidden when the door swings open.


Mechanical Locks Don’t Rely on Batteries

In addition to hunting and garden pest control, shotguns are arguably one of the best home defense weapons. Thanks to their simplicity and forgiving nature in terms of accuracy, a shotgun is excellent at stopping an intruder in the close quarters of your home.

However, a shotgun is only going to help you if you can get to it quickly and reliably. The push-button mechanical lock on a ShotLock solo vault does not rely on batteries, so your lock won’t suddenly run out of juice. Additionally, the quick access buttons can be pushed and opened in a matter of seconds.


Shotgun Wall Safe Keeps Triggers from Little Hands

Keeping your shotgun safe from your curious little kids is a major concern for most parents. These unique shotgun wall safes are built from 14-gauge military grade steel, providing a lock box that surrounds the fire mechanism of your gun — helping to keep it from unwanted hands.


ShotLocks Fit Nearly All Shotguns, Including Many Pistol Grips

Do all shotguns fit in a ShotLock solo vault? No. But most shotguns do. Customers are most commonly concerned about shotguns with pistol grips fitting in these single shotgun safes. Generally speaking, they do.


Firearm is Close, Secure and Ready

Because these shotgun safes can be mounted on any flat surface, you can keep your home defense weapon practically anywhere. While some ladies might not want the shotgun mounted in the dining room, the bedroom’s not the only place to install your single shotgun safe. You could install it in a front entry closet or behind a couch.

These shotgun safes can be mounted in the pantry, mancaves and beside the porcelain throne. Moral of the story, they can be mounted anywhere.