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Fire Rating:60 Minutes
Long Gun Storage:50
Weight:900 lbs.
Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D):72.5" x 42" x 27.5"
Interior Dimensions (H x W x D):69" x 38" x 27.5"
Body Steel Thickness:12 Gauge

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Finish: Textured
Color: Black Textured with Chrome Hardware
Lock Type: Electronic (TopLit)
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Manufacturer: Liberty Safe
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Delivery & Installation

Many big box stores only offer curbside delivery. In theory, this can seem like a really affordable option. After all, a few buddies, a case of beer, and a heavy-duty project is a great combination — right?

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Liberty USA 50 Gun Safe

Large, Budget-Friendly Gun Safe Built in the USA

The Liberty USA 50 gun safe offers more than 72,105 inches of interior storage capacity, with a footprint of 72.5 inches tall, 42 inches wide, and 27.5 inches in depth.

It weighs roughly 900 pounds, featuring a 12 gauge steel body and solid ¼-inch flat bars with a fixed flat bar on the back. Built with roll form construction and robotic welding, it features minimal seams, making it extremely pry-resistant.

1 Hour Fire Rating

The Liberty USA 50 gun safe has a 60-minute fire rating at 1,200 degrees. This gives you a fighting chance in the average home fire.

Lock Options & Door Panels

Available with your choice of a SECURAM lock or a mechanical lock, it comes outfitted with a highly-functional door panel. The door panel includes:

  • Pistol pockets
  • Miscellaneous zipper pockets
  • Document storage


Adjustable Storage Options

In addition to the door panel, the Liberty USA 50 features adjustable storage, allowing you to maximize your space. It comes standard with a 50/50 split interior, featuring long gun storage on one side and shelving units on the other.

A cutout on the top shelf allows for taller shotguns and rifles to poke through. Plus, the shelving units can be removed so the safe can be set up for long gun storage on both sides.

An adjustable top shelf provides even more storage for smaller items, such as handguns, valuables, and ammo.

Light Kit Upgrade

Our recommended upgrade package includes power, the NW Safe light kit, and a dehumidifier. This allows you to easily see what’s in your safe and keep the contents of your safe from being damaged by moisture.