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31 Trigger Worthy Holiday Gifts


From lighting up to unloading downrange, this year’s gift picks are all about getting after it.

Maybe you’re taking an epic back-country road trip. Perhaps you’re hunkering down at home with loved ones. Or you might be getting the heck out of dodge for some fun in the sun.

Whatever your adventure looks like, we’re here to help you make the most of it. Our carefully curated gift guide could easily offer an update to her travel staples, his man cave or anyone’s ride. 

Gifts He’ll Love

Ammo Can by Liberty Safe

The fellas in your life aren’t complicated. Sure, they have their quirks. (Let’s see a show of virtual hands if you have an adrenaline junkie in your life.) But when it comes right down to it, the good old boys just want to have a good old time. So help them keep their Cubans in perfect condition. Give their ammo a dry home. And let them have a little tech-geek moment with their safe. They’ll thank you for it. 

LifePod Humidor

Like a fine wine, Cuban cigars are indicative of the rich and complex soil in which they’re grown. Most often found with spicy, robust flavors, Cuban cigars can also be imbued with floral aromas and light spices. But these babies don’t come cheap, and keeping them as delectably satisfying as the day they were purchased requires some extra TLC. 

The LifePod Humidor combines the portable protection of a LifePod with superior temperature and humidity control of a humidor. Outfitted with BlueTooth technology, you can monitor the interior environment without even opening the LifePod Humidor. So no matter where your fella is going, he can take his cigars with him. 


Is the gent in your life well-supplied with firepower? Then you’re probably all-too-familiar with the current supply chain issues and necessity to keep that stock in pristine condition. An AMMO CAN is a sturdy safe specifically designed to store large amounts of ammunition — thanks to the re-inforced shelving.


Does your man like to keep tabs on his collection? The WiFi-equipped RS500i allows him to check the log history, get alerts each time the safe is opened, and monitor the safe’s battery life — all from his phone. Plus, the slim frame of this five-rifle safe can fit in nearly any closet or bedroom, making it an easy addition to your home. 

Defense Vault Under Bed Safe

Not all home defense weapons are handguns. Many folks prefer a shotgun or AR-15 to ward off middle-of-the-night attackers. Which means keeping those larger profile guns close. American Security’s Defense Vault is an under bed safe that can be mounted to the floor and quickly opened. In addition to an AR-15 or shotgun, the storage tray can typically accommodate additional handguns and magazines.  

Gifts She’ll Love

Vaultek MXi

Do you love that the ladies in your life are just as comfy in jeans and camo as they are in a little black dress? Because while guys weekends are nice, a gal who’s not afraid to get a little dirty and strapped is a rare gem.

Hearing Protection

Make sure your lady is range-ready — including proper ear protection. 

Top Picks:

Jewelry Safe

As the saying goes, a Glock 17 is a girl’s best friend. Or was that diamonds?

Heck, why not get her both. Just make sure she has a secure place to store the collection. Our custom-made jewelry safes offer secure storage for all of her valuables (and a few of yours). They come in four popular sizes and a variety of plush interior designs. 

Vaultek MXi

The big boy garage safe may be loaded with all kinds of firepower, but what about the gal who wants some protection closer at hand? Because there’s nothing wrong with valuing firearms as much as a good batch of cookies. 

Vaultek SE20

Someone somewhere once said that discretion is the mother of all ladylike behaviors. Well, maybe not. But there is something downright sexy about a gal who keeps her side piece close and secure. Enter the Vaultek SE20, a slim-framed safe that can mount to nearly any surface (like under the sink) and quickly be opened to present a handgun ready to rock. 

Vehicle Upgrades

console safe

In honor of those who the garage beckons and the dirt road calls, the ones who like to adventure prepared and safe, we offer a selection of console safes. Lock’er Down Console Vaults are designed to fit within a vehicle’s existing console.

These hidden car gun safes can be securely installed by our technicians and concealed beneath the console’s existing cover. 

We have a large selection of in-stock and ready to install console safes and long-gun vehicle storage solutions, including:

Don’t see something on the list that’ll fit your vehicle? We can help you special order one. Just give us a buzz: 360-825-5953

Fire Protection

Fire season has ravaged the west coast, leveling towns and destroying homes. Even those who have been spared from the threatening flames can’t dismiss the danger. While it pales in comparison to losing a life, the danger of losing important documents and precious valuables is all too real. 

Small, fire-rated safes can be added to nearly any home to allow an extra level of protection. The following American Security fire-rated safes are made in the USA and offer 60 minutes of fire protection. 

If you or a loved one would like an additional layer of protection, consider purchasing a FireKind SureSeal box which can be placed within the safe. 

Gifts Under $100

Vaultek 6 Handgun Display

How’s your stocking stuffer game? Does it need an upgrade? We’ve got you covered. 

Vaultek Pistol Accessory Bundle

Know someone whose pistol collection could handle some organization? Vaultek’s Pistol Accessory Bundle stores up to 6 additional pistols. Compatible with the Vaultek RS500i, it features flexible, non-absorbent foam and fits sub-compact and full-size pistols. 

LED Light Kit

Stop struggling to find your gear. Brighten up your safe’s interior with an easy-to-install light kit. Each of the six wands provides 150 lumens so that even in a dark room the contents of your safe are visible. 

Ammo Canister

Ammo Canisters

Built from heavy-duty steel, Liberty’s Ammo Canisters are watertight, ensuring moisture doesn’t corrode your ammo supply or valuables. They’re constructed to US Military Specs, with fold-flat handle tops that make them easy to carry and store. Heck, maybe this year you’ll replace someone’s stocking with this canister!

Gift Card

Have a picky friend? A ‘particular’ uncle? A buys everything for themselves loved one? A gift card lets them pick the gun safe or accessory they want.

Mace & Pepper Spray

Know someone who’s constantly on the go? Pepper spray and mace offer personal protection that can be carried nearly anywhere. 

NW Safe Swag

Some gear is simple and understated (hello classic beanie), while some feature bold graphics worth flaunting. We’re not here to pick favorites (other than anything with a NW Safe logo, of course). That’s why you’ll only find one consistent detail throughout our collection of men’s and women's swag: gear that's comfy and classic enough our own crew loves to rock it. 

H2Out Renewable Dehumidifier

The gift that keeps on giving, this renewable dehumidifier is the ultimate stocking stuffer. It takes up space better than an orange stuffed in the toe and it delivers quality results year-after-year (assuming you remember to restore it regularly). After all, the last thing anyone wants is their valuables being ruined by moisture.

Rifle Rods

Lets no beat around the bush — you can never have too many guns. But fitting that ever-growing gun collection into your safe can get progressively more difficult. While we're always proponents of buying the biggest safe your space and budget will allow, sometimes the best course of action is maximizing the space you have. Enter Rifle Rods. A handy dandy storage soliton, they can help you create up to 50% more long gun storage in your safe! 

Gifts Under $200

Woman with a LifePod

Looking for a gift your loved one will use that’s a ‘tad’ bigger? These fun options are instant crowd-pleasers.


Airtight. Dustproof. TSA compliant. LifePods offer an on-the-go solution to securing your sidearms and valuables. 

ShotLock Shotgun 200M Solo-Vault 

Know someone who likes to keep their trusty over-under close at hand? The ShotLock Shotgun Solo-Vault provides a quick access solution to discretely and securely storing a shotgun in any room of the house. 

ShotLock AR 200M Solo-Vault

Found that an AR is the best defense weapon and want to access it at a moment’s notice? The ShotLock AR Solo-Vault can be mounted on nearly any surface and allows for the user to quickly and easily retrieve their gun. 

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Money Safe: Cashwizard Smart Safes

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