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Holiday Gift Guide for Conservatives


Sure this list is primarily for those who have some firepower at home. But you don’t have to be one of America’s gun lovers to appreciate several of these items. In fact, most of our carefully curated gift guide could easily be incorporated into any man cave, bachelor pad or she-shed. 

That’s because this entire gift guide is non-lethal. In fact, it’s all about safety and security — an area in which we specialize. Happy shopping!

Gifts for Him

LifePod Humidor

Keep those Cubans perfect, no matter where you go. Utilizing the superior BlueTooth technology of a classic LifePod and the classic touches of brass and Spanish cedar, the LifePod Humidor keeps your favorite cigars and cigar accessories organized and in pristine condition. 


For the gent who is well-supplied with firepower, an AMMO CAN is a must. These sturdy safes are specially designed with re-inforced shelving to support the excess weight of a large ammunition collection.

AR Vault 

Arguably the most useful for a wide range of defense applications, why would anyone want to store their AR out of reach? An AR Vault allows you to discreetly and securely store your AR in any room of the house. 


WiFi equipped, the RS500i allows you to check the log history, get alerts every time your safe is opened and monitor your battery life, all from your smartphone. The slim frame maximizes the interior, holding up to five rifles, while still fitting in nearly any closet or bedroom. 

Gifts for Her

Hearing Protection

Bringing your lady to the rifle range? You’re a good man. Just make sure her ears are protected. 

Top Picks:

Jewelry Safe

Our custom-made jewelry safes are designed for her jewelry collection and feature up to two hours of fire protection. Available in four popular sizes, they can be installed in any room of the house.  

Vaultek MX

For the gals who prioritize protection as much as they value a good batch of cookies.

Vaultek Pistol Safes 

It’s always good to have a side piece. Make sure your gal can keep it close and secure. 

Gifts Under $100

Ammo Canister

Liberty’s new Ammo Canisters are watertight, ensuring moisture doesn’t corrode your ammo supply. Constructed from heavy-duty steal, they’re built to US Military Specs. And, their fold-flat top handle makes them easy to carry. 

Gift Card

For the pickiest of your friends and family, let them choose! A Gift Card allows them to have endless options to select their perfect gun safe or gun safe accessory. 

Mace & Pepper Spray

For those who are constantly on-the-go, pepper spray and mace offer an easy personal defense solution that can be carried in nearly any situation. 

Gifts Under $200

Loaded Vaultek Lifepod


LifePods offer an on-the-go solution to securing your sidearm and/or valuables. Airtight and dustproof, they are TSA compliant, so you can take them with you on any trip.  

Shotgun Solo-Vault 

Is your trusty over-under by the best in case of an intruder? The Shotgun Solo-Vault allows you to discretely secure your shotgun in any room of the house. 

How to Pick an Apartment Gun Safe

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