What Are Depository Safes & Who Needs One?

What Are Depository Safes & Who Needs One?


Depository safes allow multiple individuals to add items through a slot and approved individuals to remove the items through a locked door. Generally, they are used as short-term storage for cash, small valuables, and important documents. 

Businesses that deal in large amounts of cash throughout the day benefit greatly from depository safes. Not only do they reduce the risk of internal theft from employees with sticky fingers, these locked boxes also make it harder for thieves to steal valuables during regular business hours and at night. 

Furthermore, access level codes are typically granted to approved individuals. This extra layer of protection helps businesses and organizations monitor who accesses the safe and when to limit internal theft. 

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Are Depository & Cash Drop Safes the Same Thing?

Yes, depository and cash drop safes are the same thing. They are also sometimes called cash boxes or money lock boxes. However, it’s important to note that while all depository safes are cash boxes, not all cash boxes are depository safes. 

To be a depository safe, there needs to be an opening through which items can be added, but can’t be removed. 

How Do Depository Safes Work?

Have you ever mailed a letter in one of the big, blue USPS mailboxes? Then you’ve used a depository safe. Those mailboxes are designed just like a depository safe, with a hopper for adding items and a locked door for removing them. 

What about someone reaching in through the hopper? 

Depository safes are outfitted with an anti-fish baffle and trap door located inside of the safe. This prevents someone from reaching through the hopper and removing items. 

Which Type of Drop & Depository Safe is Right for You?

There are seven types of depository safes that can be utilized depending on your space and how you plan to use the safe. 

1. Front Loading Depository Safes

Front loading drop safes are the most common. These safes typically feature a hopper front that allows individuals to add items to the safe and a secure door that allows management to retrieve said items.


2. Rotary Depository Safes

Rotary hopper drop safes are outfitted with a large drum at the top. They are designed for larger packages, allowing an individual to add an item and turn the drum to drop it into the secured box.

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3. Till Storage Depository Safes

A till storage depository safe is designed to hold till trays while also featuring a hopper for securely adding small valuables, cash, and paperwork. 


4. Reverse Hopper Depository Safes

A reverse hopper depository safe (aka a ‘Through the Wall Depository Safe) features a long shoot that typically extends outside of the building or room where the locked box is located. These types of safes are most commonly used when you want to allow individuals to drop items off from an external location, like outside of a church or apartment complex. 

5. Money Manager Depository Safes

Designed to give businesses and organizations the ability to easily organize and control their cash and coins, these safes typically feature two separate, secure compartments, along with a front hopper. The front hopper adds items to one of the compartments, while the other compartment is only accessible through its respective door. 


6. Retail Money Manager Depository Safes

Retail money manager depository safes offer the same easy drop access as their old-school counterparts while delivering the unrivaled easy access of an electronic keypad locking mechanism. 


7. Wide Body Depository Safes

Designed to offer complete cash management versatility, wide-body depository safes offer either a front-load depository of a pull-out drawer depository. 

What Businesses & Organizations Use Drop Safes?

Any business or organization that regularly handles cash, checks, important documents or small valuables will benefit from a drop safe. This includes:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Car Dealerships
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Fast Food Joints
  • Retail Stores
  • Apartment Managers
  • Churches & Nonprofits
  • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Check Cashing & Payday Loan Businesses

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How Big of a Drop Safe Do You Need?

When it comes to selling safes, ‘how big of a safe do I need’ is one of the most common and important questions we hear. Most ironically, the biggest regret we hear from customers is that they wish they’d bought a bigger safe — this is true for both personal use and businesses. 

While you shouldn’t buy a safe bigger than the space you have, our advice is to buy the biggest safe your space (and budget) will allow. Safes are the size they are. There’s no remodeling them and adding square footage. If it turns out you need a bigger safe, you’re going to need to buy up. (Of course, we can help with that too.)

Does a Drop Safe Need to be Professionally Installed?

Drop safes should be bolted to the ground. This makes it substantially more difficult for someone to pry them open. Additionally, you want your safe to be level and spaced off the ground. This promotes:

  • Proper airflow to reduce the chance of moisture and mildew growing in your safe, damaging your valuables, cash, and documents.
  • Proper door swing to ensure your door won’t swing shut unsuspectingly.

It’s also important to note that high-quality drop safes (such as TL15 depository safes and TL30 depository safes) can weigh a substantial amount. Safely and correctly installing them — without damaging walls, floors, and doorways — often requires specialized equipment and expertise.

Learn more about our professional delivery and installation team. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Depository Safe?

Any quick Google search will show you there are a wide variety of places to buy a depository safe. In addition to buying your safe from a company that offers professional delivery and installation, you’ll want to consider which retail locations have safes in stock. 

With the current rise in retail theft, waiting 6-8 weeks for your depository safe may not be a good option for your business or organization. 

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