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What to Consider When Shopping for a Closet Gun Safe


Where to install a home safe is a controversial topic. Many folks are against installing gun safes in locations such as the garage or the master bedroom closet. However, we’re of the belief that there’s no wrong place to install a gun safe as long as you’re aware of your choices and take the appropriate steps for proper installation.

Why Install a Closet Gun Safe?

There are a wide variety of reasons to install a gun safe in your closet. These include: 

    • Space — Depending on the layout of your home, your closet may be where you have physical space to actually put a safe.
    • Tiny Hands — Have kids? Many parents and caregivers get a closet safe to ensure that curious fingers don’t have access to firearms.
    • Legal Protection — In 2018, the extremely controversial, RCW 9.41.360 was passed. This law makes gun owners legally liable for any improperly stored gun that comes into the possession of a prohibited individual — include minors and felons. Under the law, a gun safe is considered proper storage for firearms, ensuring you are not legally liable if a burglar steals your gun.
    • Convenience — Firearms aren’t the only thing you may want to store in your safe. If you plan to store valuables, such as jewelry, you may find it’s more convenient to have your home safe where you get dressed. 

Why Do Some Not Think a Closet Gun Safe a Good Idea?

Closet gun safe naysayers will caution against installing a safe in your closet because it is one of the most common places a burglar will look. While stats show this fact is indeed correct, a properly bolted down safe is not so easy to move.

Even heavier safes can be pushed out of windows and down stairs. This is why proper installation is one of the most essential aspects of ensure your closet safe will keep your valuables protected.

small closet gun safe

What to Know About Closet Gun Safes?

One of the most important things to know about any safe is you get what you pay for. Not all safes are built equal. While you may big box stores may carry a small selection of safes at a small price point, these safes are typically not built with the same pry-protection and quality-tested fire rating of higher-end safes, like those built by Liberty. 

How Should You Install a Gun Safe in Your Closet?

Every safe should be bolted into place to provide the optimal level of protection. You also want to make sure your safe is leveled when it’s installed to ensure proper door swing, so the safe continues to operate properly.

Furthermore, big safes (like a closet long gun safe) are a big and awkward shape. Not to mention, they tend to be heavy. You want to make sure the person installing your safe has the tools and expertise to move your safe into place without damaging your home, including your floors, walls, and doorways. 

small closet gun safe

Should You Hide Your Closet Gun Safe?

For those who want to take their home security to the next level, hiding your closet safe can be a good option. Keeping your gun safe out of sight can give you multiple advantages, including:

  • The Element of Surprise — In the event an intruder enters your home while you are there, a gun safe hidden in your closet may give you the opportunity to access your personal defense weapon before you encounter them.
  • Out of Sight – Out of Mind — Hiding your safe can also keep curious family members from frequently asked questions. 
  • Limit the Visibility for Burglars — Another advantage of a closet gun safe being hidden is that it adds one extra step for a thief. Sometimes the extra time it may take them to find your safe could be the difference between them breaking into it, and the burglar leaving it be. 

How to Hide Your Gun Safe in Your Closet

Generally, the best way to hide a gun safe within your closet is behind a closed door. Many master bedroom closets are equipped with smaller closets within the closet, allowing you an opportunity to stay organized and hide your gun safe.

Alternatively, you may choose to install a smaller, discrete safe within your closet, such as a quick access gun safe. These smaller safes can often be mounted to the wall behind clothes, the floor underneath coats and dresses, or at the back of a shoe rack. 

Keep in mind that small doesn’t have to mean you’re simply getting a handgun safe. Pistol safes come in a variety of sizes, like the Vaultek MXi with is equipped with a two pistol rack and offers space for small valuables.  

Best Closet Gun Safes

Some safe and vault stores will tell you the best closet gun safes are 24-inches wide. This is indeed a good size, as it can fit in most closets, while also providing secure rifle storage. However, we’ve installed rifle safes and gun cabinets of every size within a closet. 

The following are our our top picks:

Popular Slim Closet Gun Safes 

The following safes are all 24-inches wide or slimmer:

Favorite Large Closet Gun Safes

The most common regret we hear from customers is they bought too small of safe. The following are for those who want to go big from the get-go: 

Top Home Closet Safes

Shorter than traditional gun safes and bigger than pistol safes, a home safe can give you the ideal amount of storage for personal valuables and small firearms:

Top Quick Access Closet Safes

When you don’t want to have to worry about how long it’ll take you to open your safe, a quick access safe can ensure your home defense weapon is always at the ready:

Top Pistol Closet Safes

These small pistol safes can be installed discreetly on the floor of your closet:

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