Gift a Safe and Peace of Mind

Gift a Safe and Peace of Mind


These thoughtful gifts will never be re-gifted, until it’s time to pass them down. 

Best Gift for Picky Folks: Gift a Safe (or at least part of one)

NW Safe gift card

You know that person in your life who is impossible to shop for? This year, hit a home run. Let them do the shopping by giving them a gift card so they can pick the safe they want. How’s that for simplifying shopping this holiday season! 

Staff Picks

Want to know what the safe experts love? These are some of our favorites.

Fort Knox High Security Mailboxes

Fort Knox Mailboxes

The  heavy-duty construction and design of Fort Knox Mailboxes is built to keep your mail (and packages) safe and secure. They feature a 7 gauge steel door, 3 gauge steel plate body, deep recessed doors for pry protection, and more. We have personally witnessed one of these mailboxes be hit by a truck and suffer little more than a few scuffs to the exterior's finish. 

Colonial 23 United We Stand

Colonial 23 United We Stand

Built in America, the Colonial 23 Untied We Stand is as good looking as it is strong. 

Superior Master Series

Superior Master Series

The Master Series is Superior’s best-selling safe. Made in the USA, they are exceptionally well built, with an impressively strong 10-gauge steel body and a double-steel door casement.

Browning 1878 - 33

Browning 1878 - 33

This American-made gun safe sports the antlers we all know and love. It has a 90-minute fire rating and an adjustable interior. Plus, did we mention the antlers? 

Rhino Metals Kodiak KSX5940

Rhino Metals Kodiak KSX5940

Rhino Metals is a particularly unique brand. Veteran-owned and manufactured in Caldwell, Idaho, these safes are built to last. With a rugged appearance, the Kodiak KSX5940 features Rhino Metal’s new patented SafeX® Security System — a revolutionary anti-pry technology. 

American Security BFS912E5LP Home Safe

American Security BFS912E5LP

This small home safe small, discrete, and built with security in mind. It features an 80 minute fire rating and a UL Burglary Classification. It's ideal for holding medication, small valuables (such as jewelry), and a small personal defense weapon. It could easily be installed beneath a sink, in a closet, or beneath many beds. 

Top Stocking Stuffers

Sack-Ups Rifle/Shotgun Sac

sack-ups rifle sac

Sack-ups protect the barrel and stock of a gun from being scratched. They can also reduce the amount of dust that settles on and within your firearm, further protecting it from damage. 

ShotLock Shotgun 200M Solo-Vault

shotlock shotgun vault

Our most popular solo-vault for a home defense shotgun. These simple and affordable safes can be installed nearly anywhere within your home, making them convenient and discrete. 

ShotLock AR 200M Solo-Vault

ShotLock AR

Equally as popular with those who keep an AR handy for home defense is the ShotLock AR Solo-Vault. 



Simple, affordable, and convenient. The Lifepod offers a sleek and rugged way to keep your valuables safe and secure at home and on the go. 

Organization Accessories

While this section could also be classified as stocking stuffers (see above) we wanted to show safe organization a little TLC. After all, proper organization helps  maximize storage capacity and protect valuables. These are some of our favorites. 

Rifle Rods Gun Rack System

Rifle Rods

GunSaver Dry Rod Safe Dehumidifier

GunSaver Dry Rod Safe Dehumidifier

Cool Pocket Storage

Cool Pocket Storage

Handgun Hanger - Over/Under Shelf

Handgun Hanger - Over/Under Shelf

Handgun Hanger - Under Shelf - 4 Pack

handgun hanger under shelf

Handgun Magazine Rack

handgun magazine rack

Twin Pistol/AR Magazine Rack B (for front door)

 Twin Pistol Rack

Best Quick Access and Home Protection Safes

Vaultek’s Slider Series

Vaultek Slider Servies

The Vaultek slider series features a collection of quick access, single handgun safes. These discrete safes can easily be mounted on a sturdy object and quickly opened by digital keypad or biometric fingerprint. Upon opening, they present your firearm in a quick and ready to use potion. 

Vaultek MX Series

Vaultek MX Series

For those who want a quick access safe that could also store valuables and be installed discretely, the Vaultek MX Series is the ultimate solution. Capable of storing multiple handguns, the adjustable shelf allows for also storing everything from jewelry and watches to money and important documents.

Vaultek RS Series 

Vaultek RS Series

Vaultek’s RS Series is the ultimate in high-tech long-gun storage. It offers all the modern conveniences of their smaller lines (think biometric entry, WiFi capabilities, and modular interior), along with the ability to store shotguns and rifles.

Vaultek PRO-VE

Pro VE

The PRO-VE from Vaultek can discretely hold up to 2 handguns. Easily mountable on a nightstand or in a vehicle, this 14-gauge steel design offers a portable security solution with an easy to use digital keypad entry. 

Favorite Home and Jewelry Safes

Liberty Premium Home Safes

Liberty Premium Home Safes

The new line of Liberty Premium Home Safes are made in America, with American steel. They feature 120 minutes of fire protection and a Palusol heat-activated door that expands in high heat, creating a seal that protects against heat and smoke. Plus, they have a UL listed lock and a slip-clutch mechanism to protect against forced entry. 

In short, these home safes are built to protect your valuables. And did we mention they are perfectly proportioned to fit in a closet!

Champion Estate 12

Champion Estate 12

Another leader in the home safe market, the Champion Estate 12 has a 60 minute fire rating and a 12 gauge steel body. The adjustable interior comes equipped with drawers for organizing smaller valuables like earrings and hooks for hanging necklaces.  

Personal Protection For Her

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

Mace is a simple and effective way to fight off an attacker, especially one larger than you. We carry a wide variety of pepper spray devices, including a small Pepper Gun that can be slipped into a handbag. 

Personal Alarm

Personal Alarms

Personal alarms are small, portable devices that create a very loud sound to attract attention. Pushing one when you feel threatened or are being attacked can help alert those nearby that you need help. We carry one that can be attached to a keychain and one that can be clipped to a belt or coat. 

Muzzle Dog Repellent

Muzzle dog repellent

Worried about an aggressive dog? Muzzle Dog Repellent is a safe, humane, and EPA approved way to protect against an aggressive dog that won’t cause serious harm or injury. It’s ideal for those who like to go on long walks and run, but are unsure who they will be meeting. 

Bear Spray

Bear spray

Bear Spray’s not just for the bears. This highly potent spray can also help ward off an attacker. Many say it’s even more effective than traditional Pepper Spray. 

Top Costco Gun Safe (2023): Cannon Safe+US Made Alternative

Opening a Booby-Trapped Safe

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