Father’s Day Gift Guide

No one brings the eye-roll jokes and weary groans quite like dad. Give him a tense situation and the old man’s gonna mix it up with a pun. As quick as he is to lighten the mood, he’s also the man who’s ready to protect you. His arsenal is loaded. His aim is true. 

This Father’s Day, show him just how much he means with a gift that’ll keep his gun collection as safe as he keeps you. The following gift ideas feature some of our top picks for the dad who likes to fire downrange.

For Dads Who Loves Target Practice with the Family: Hearing Protection ($34.99 - $259.99)

Ear Pro Hearing Protection

There’s nothing quite like a day at the range with dad. Whether you’re skeeting shooting or dialing in your scope, good ear protection is essential. (You don’t want the old man to become any deffer than he already is 😉.)  

We carry a selection of protective ear muffs by Pro Ears, like the Pro Tac SC Gold. These light-weight earmuffs feature pro form leather for an ultra-comfortable fit and a chop cut cup for easy shouldering of long guns. Furthermore, they have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25, protecting you from loud gunfire while still amplifying quiet sounds for improved situational awareness. 

Top Hearing Protection Picks

For Dads Constantly on the Go: Valutek Travel Gun Safes ($109.99 - $139.99)

Dad with Vaultek LifePod

Is dad always go-go-going? A LifePod will give him the perfect place to store everything from his handgun to his electronics and valuables. These heavy-duty lockboxes are mobile safes that can easily be slipped into a backpack or center console. 

They feature an electronic keypad and are weather-resistant, making them easy to access, while still ensure Dad’s stuff is protected from Mother Nature. 

Valutek LifePods

For Dads Who Want Quick Access to Their Home Defense Weapon: Quick Access Safes ($109.99 - $495)

Thieves and robbers aren’t going to wait while dad opens his 1,500-pound Liberty Presidential. Which is why dad will appreciate quick access to his home defense weapon. From an AR Vault to store the big-boy firearms to a V-Line Pistol Safe to offer exceptionally discrete handgun storage, quick access safes can be installed practically anywhere. 

Top Quick access Safes

For Dads Who Love Their Trucks: Truck Console Safe ($269 - $315)


Whether your dad’s driving a vintage classic or a sleek modern ride, it’s likely he thinks of his truck as his four-wheeled baby. Which means, he’ll want it to be outfitted with an ultra-secure space to store his firearm and valuables. 

We carry a selection of truck console safes designed to fit specific truck models — ensuring you maximize your protection and security. 

Lock'er Down

For Dads With a Big Shotgun Collection: Sackups & Rifle Rods ($9.95 and up)


Sackups and Rifel Rods let dad keep his shotgun collection clean and organized. Rifle Rods help him maximize the space in his gun safe. And Sackups protect the barrel and stock from being scratched. 

For Dads Who Want to Organize Their Pistols: Pistol Hangar ($19.95 and up)

Pistol Storage and organization

Handgun hangers offer an innovative solution to storing your handguns. Rather than simply laying them flat on a shelf, Pistol Hangers let you maximize your space by utilizing the space above and below shelves. 

And for the dad who wants the ultimate in sleek pistol storage, a magnetic gun holder lets him simply stick his gun wherever the multi-mad is attached. 

Top Pistol Hangers

For the Dads Who Need Lots of Gun Storage: Large Gun Safe ($999 - $1,699)

As dad’s firearm collection keeps growing, he’ll need more and more space to securely store his guns. Whether he’s going to install a gun safe in the garage, your bedroom closet or his mancave — an American-made, fire-rated safe will offer him the ultimate peace of mind.  

Top Guns Safes for Father’s Day

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